Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I must say that life here is really nice and is so much like being back home. The weather and the small town feel are all the same the only thing missing is my big family. Being 12 hours away and today's gas prices doesn't really make going back home to visit an option so I am embracing this new home away from home. I will be honest though the homesickness is starting to sink in, especially when KS isn't able to come home everyday. The days he is gone make it even harder on me. I am used to having some sort of relief with the kids, especially Dixie and Dylan, they were always over at the house keeping me company when KS was away now it is just silence... well as much silence as a house filled with a 6 and a half year old, a 5 year old and a soon to be 19 month old can be. This lifestyle is exactly what we wanted for our children, well minus the frequent single parenting part but that comes with the territory. We can walk to school, the grocery store, the gym, even the arts and craft center, and the security living here is wonderful. We truly don't have to worry about anything. Not that we really did worry at home but when you are here you know there are MP's looking out for you there is just a whole new level of safety that you can feel. Like I was telling my Mema the other night this place is so relaxing for me. I can finally just wind down and sit back and enjoy our life. It is so nice to even have that option. I will be posting some pictures of our house tomorrow. With more to come as we put the finishing touches up.


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