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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am Number 4

Cayleigh-Grace and I spent a good hour+ in Barnes and Noble today scouring the bookshelves looking for something good to read and keep me entertained, and this did just that. Well, for the few hours that it took me to read all 440 pages. Needless to say I could not put the book down. I have been wanting to see the movie but haven't got the chance, and the book did not disappoint. I absolutely loved it, and I must say it will go on my list of favorite reads, and I cannot wait until August when the second book in the series comes out. Hopefully it will be as good as this one is. 

I can officially mark off 5 of the 52 books I am hoping to read during this deployment off of my goals list, and I already have a list of about 6 other books that I am wanting to purchase... if only having unlimited funds was an option... since it isn't an option I will have to wait... maybe a book a payday??? Two books a payday is so very tempting though.


JG said...

I didn't know this was a book! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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