Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gracie just came up to me and looked into my eyes while saying (Gracie in Pink, I am in Red) "I tired." "Well, go on upstairs and I will tuck you in, but take your" "fairies" she interrupted before I could get the word out myself. "Yes. Take your fairies upstairs and put them away." "Okay" "I will be right there to tuck you in." and so she went upstairs toting her pink box of fairies up to her room. How does a baby that is just days away from turning 2 and a half grow to be so smart and observant in such a short period of time? I just love her... and really no words can accurately describe it.


Goodnight moon said...

You had me at fairies!!!!! I love Gracie's imagination! LoveLoveLove it!!!!! Her and my Emma-Kay would be the best of friends!

JG said...

How sweet!

Maranda said...

What a little sweetie!

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