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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*written last night before bed*

Tomorrow is the big day. My baby boy turns six. I have a few goals for myself in regard to Colin's upcoming 6th year.
  1. Embrace the child within him. 
  2. Remember that he is only 6, not almost 8 like Kiale. 
  3. Do not uphold him to the same standards that I do Kiale. Yes, it is easier on me, but it is unfair to Colin. 
  4. Read him a bedtime story every night. Even when I don't feel like it. 
  5. Remember to show him extra love, kindness, and understanding. 
  6. Make sure he feels loved and special every single day. 
  7. Work on building a strong and lasting relationship with him. 
I only get his 6th year once, and in many ways I feel as if I wasted his 5th year so I do not want to waste his 6h. I want this year to be a great year for him. One where he is loved so much that he feels as if he will burst. He is a special and remarkable child and he deserves only the best, and that is exactly what I plan on giving him. My little Pudgy/ Cuddle Bug/ Buggy. I love that little boy so much, words cannot even begin to describe it... Happy 6th Birthday Colin Hunter.

I just went back in his room and gave him an extra hug, kiss, and I told him how much I loved him. He went to sleep with the most peaceful and happy smile on his face. Motherhood is a grand and beautiful thing. Definitely a gift from God.  


Adrienne said...

it is so amazing how fast they grow up!

Maranda said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday Colin!!!

Amanda said...

Happy 6th Birthday Colin!

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