The Birth of a New Day

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today is a wonderful day. I woke up this morning with such a sense of hope and gratitude for what God has made. Today my cousin who is 5 months older than me and way more like a sister than a cousin will be welcoming her sweet son into the world (well it could be tomorrow). She will be heading to the hospital for her induction at 8:30 tonight, she is already 4cm and 60% effaced, so I am giving her six hours of labor tops... at least that is what I am praying for. This is her first child, and with that comes all of the fears of the unknown so please keep her and her husband in your prayers on this wonderfully blessed day.

Children are such a wonderful blessing that God gives us and it is so amazing to know that he has once again blessed our ever growing family with another member. Between family and friends by January of 2009 we will have added 5 new lives to our ever growing group. I cannot wait until Colin's birthday party in March when we will be able to get a group shot of all the kids again (we have forgot at the boys parties this year.)

Well I am off to Walmart, I am short on fabric, and I have a special baby blanket to make today for one sweet little man who will be making his grand appearance into the world within the next 24 hours... or so.


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