Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... Busy Busy Busy!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My goodness has the past four days been crazy busy! I honestly feel like I have been going non stop forever now, I think all of the busyness really caught up to me today. Talk about feeling overwhelmed and overextended... needless to say my house was trashed, and I was about 5 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes behind! And we are supposed to decorate on Friday... right... I still need to do all of the housecleaning that comes after dishes and clothes and that's a lot.

Sunday... was a wonderful day the five of us got up bright and early and headed up to Jax to go see my wonderful cousin, her husband, and her new baby Vincent at the hospital. I have never held a baby so small in my life he was 6lbs 12oz & 19 1/4in, all of my babies were big(7lbs 15oz, 8lbs 11oz, & 10lbs 7oz), he is so sweet and tiny. I have to admit, although you are not allowed to tell my boys, he is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. He is just so incrediably cute!! He has John's nose, and in my opinion the rest of him looks like my Uncle Jimmy. Genetics are so amazing.
Later that afternoon we went to my Niece/ 2nd cousin's 2nd birthday party. I cannot believe that she is two already, and so cute too!! The party was followed by a trip to two different puppy shops, although we came home empty handed, and dinner at our favorite Japanesse Steakhouse!

Monday... I got up and took the boys to my Mom's house for the day while I went back up to Jax to help out my cousin. She was, and still is, recouperating from her C-section. Not to mention she & Vincent had to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing. Which as any first time mom would agree is never easy. Vincent had a Dr. appointment that day also, so it ended up being a very busy day. We even squezed in a very short trip to Target. I am so amazed at my cousin Lindsay, I don't know how she is doing it with the section recovery. I think I would be layed up in bed, she is getting up and around wonderfully!!

Tuesday... The kids and I all headed back up to Jax again. It was such a wonderful day. The boys are very taken with their new little cousin. Little Kiale was such a big helper. Vincent was crying after Lindsay had breastfed him, and following his suppliment of formula, and Kiale couldn't find his pacifier so he decided that maybe he was still hungrey so he went (all on his own) and grabed his bottle and started feeding him what was left in it. Needless to say he was right Vincent was still a little hungrey. And Kiale new exactly what he needed. He is such a wonderful Big Brother/Cousin!! I am so pround of my little man!


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