A Blessed Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28, 2008

We have so many things to be thankful for in my household. My husband and I's lives could have turned out so differently if it wasn't the dedication of our family and God. This Thanksgiving seemed to be extra special since we were celebrating the birth of two new lives in our family, not to mention our other cousin Kelli is pregnant and due in April.

Cayleigh-Grace and Vincent @ Grandma's for Thanksgiving

Its amazing the more children I have the more I seem to appreciate them and everything that comes with them. Babies and children are a lot of work, but you know I wouldn't change anything about my life. I love each of my children so much and even though we got pregnant so young (I was 17) our lives have turned out wonderfully. When you get pregnant young the only thing people tell/yell at you is that you have ruined your life, and you will never have anything good, and you will never amount to anything. Well I believe that we have proven everyone wrong. In our own way that is. We are by all means not rich, but we are rich in love and support for each other. Its amazing how strong Kiale and I's relationship has become. We love our children unconditionally and we support each other 100%. I have learned several things during the past almost six years since I found out I was pregnant with Kiale, it doesn't matter what anyone else's opinion of success is, or any of their opinions for that matter. What does matter is everything that goes on within these walls that we call our home. We are a very close and tight nit family and I pray that we will continue to become closer as our children age, and that Kiale and I's relationship continues to blossom and grow throughout the years. I know that God will continue to play a special role in our family, and I cannot wait to see what is plans are for us in the future.

God has truly blessed Kiale and I with each other, our three children, and our ever growing family. This I am completely thankful for.

My sisters and I at Thanksgiving... really they are both taller than me but I was cheating and standing on a step.


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