Ears and Needles... tough 2 month day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

So the day started out rough for poor Cayleigh-Grace, it began with a trip to the Dr.s for her two month appt. She is now 13lbs 10oz and 23.5in long. So she has gained 3lbs 3oz, and has grown 2inches already!! It has been so amazing to watch her grow and develop. She has so much personality! The Dr. said that developmentally she is already at a 3month stage, and size wise she is at a 4month stage (not that we are surprised about that one!!!) She did very well with her shots she cried for a few minutes and then that was it she was fine. At 4:30 the little boys and I took her to go do what I have looked forward to having done since I found out I was expecting a daughter. I got her ears pierced. Nana blessed us with an ear piercing kit from Walmart, so it didn't cost me anything. I just took her in and they did it for me for free, Thank you Nana!! The woman that pierced her ears did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with them. She cried less getting her ears pierced than she did getting her shots. Little Kiale took all of the pictures from getting her ears pierced, I think he did a pretty good job for a 5 year old.

Cayleigh-Grace 2 months old


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