10 Months + 4th of July= Bliss

Sunday, July 5, 2009

That is right everyone our sweet Cayleigh-Grace turned 10 months old on Friday. It really doesn't seem possible that ten months ago she came into this world. She now has 8 teeth, she cut her 8th one of the 4th of July. She can say Mama, Dada, Baba, aka her Lamb for Build-A-Bear, as well as the occasional, yea and hey. She has the best personality always happy and eager to eat whatever doesn't eat her first. She has started walking around as long as she is holding on to something, she can also stand alone for a couple of seconds. She is in size 18 month clothes and size 6-12 month shoes. She also wears size 3 diapers. Its crazy to think that in two months time, my sweet baby girl with be a year old...
4th of July was wonderful. We set out early to attend the Baby Crawl. Cayleigh-Grace just sat their between Dixie's legs and didn't move. I think she was to scared of all the people yelling, she just looked around and crouched down under Dixie more. She knew where she was safe and secure. She still got a medal though! The parade was wonderful. Colin gave us all (Mom, Dad, Dixie, Dylan, Holly and I) quite a scare though, he just walked off and disappeared. Thankfully my Dad found him, quite a ways down the street... he went after a "little puppy" that he saw. We were all standing there packing everything up, one second he was there and the next second he was gone... it was so scary. Other than that incident it was a wonderful Our Country Day celebration in town. After the parade I went home to make Mac-N-Cheese and then headed over to our friend Kirby's Dad's house to have a BBQ and swim. I think we were in the water for a good 4 hours. Cayleigh-Grace had all of maybe an hour total sleep the entire day, but thankfully she remained in wonderful spirits and didn't get the slightest bit cranky.


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