Winds of Change

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well the winds of change have been blowing throughout our household for the past few months now... but they have just gained strength. We are contemplating a change that will rock our family to the core, but it will be what is best for us. Kiale will be talking to a recruiter soon about possibly joining the Army... We have been discussing this for at least the past 9 months, if not longer, and after MUCH thought and long talks we are leaning more towards Kiale enlisting then we ever have. So we will see how things end up panning out.


Brittany and Charlie said...

That would be a tough decision for sure but I am sure all will work out!

Independent Childbirth said...

Hi Charity!!

Thank you for the invite to read your blog!! Please come join us at Independent Childbirth. If you love to write about birth and the way it brings us all together then we invite you to also write a post to share.

We have 'military'-based birth educators and doulas in the group. I am sure that IF Kiale decides to join and you start traveling that you will find support with us too as you take your traveling birth care on the road!


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