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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I will soon have a blog button, I am so excited!! Jen has created a wonderful fundraiser for one of the blog families that I follow...

From Jen's blog post...

"For a couple of months now I've really felt the Lord calling me to use my hobby of Blog design for His glory! I have never charged for any of the blog design or blog services I have done thus far! I would however like to help this family bring Lily home so I thought I would do a Buttons for Lily Soo Sale!!

If you are interested in getting a button for your blog, NOW is a great opportunity to get one!! It can be a button and grab box for your personal blog or it can be for some special event happening on your blog too! Each button will only be $5! You can get a button and scrolling box to grab the code underneath for only 5 dollars!!

If you would like to purchase a button please email me at jenieshell at gmail dot com and pay the $5 fee by clicking on (the link to) my paypal donate button at the bottom of this post. This sale will be for this week only and 100% raised will be donated to Bring Lily Home Fund!! I will transfer the total amount raised next Sunday, July 25th.

If you are not in need of a blog button but would still like to help out this great family please feel free to donate through my paypal button! I will make sure to include it in the final amount raised next week!"

- Go, and get your $5 blog button and help bring Lily Soo home to her family!!


Jen said...


Thanks so much for posting this on your blog!! The more people that know about this fund raiser the more money we can raise for Lily Soo's Adoption fund!!

I am off to work on the code for your new button!!


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