Labor Views - Part 2

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Position, when I was giving birth to Kiale and Colin I like so many other women out there did not know how important of a word, Position, really was when it was used in conjunction with labor and delivery.

Did you know that the traditional delivery position that the majority of us have delivered in, me included... twice, is in all actuality not an effective position to deliver in? Yes I am talking about the feet in the stirrups spread eagle position, you know the one where the whole world can see ALL there is to see about you... There is two versions of the position lithotomy aka flat on back and the C-position. Did you know that the lithotomy is only practiced in the United States because of its lack of effectiveness? Both positions actually limit the blood flow to the baby by applying pressure to your vena cava and narrows the pelvic region by 30% (see cuz, no reason for your unnecessary c-section, you could have birthed that sweet baby just fine!) as well as restricting movement for the mother making tearing and episiotomies more common. These positions are used so routinely because they are so incredibly convenient for the doctors. I mean think about it the doctors and nursing staff have PLENTY of room to move around down there with your legs hiked up to your ears.

Okay, now picture this in you head, you are about to deliver your baby (can you see it?) Your feet are being held by a nurse and your significant other, where are you knees? At your head right? That is where mine were, now think about what kind of effect this has on your perineum area. This is the area that is supposed to stretch and make room for a baby to emerge but it cannot do that as it is already stretched to the max because of the position you are in. There is no more give to this area, everything in that region is tight and has no more room to stretch. We all know at least one mom who has suffered severe tear during delivery. My Aunt did as well as one of my best friends. I can not help but wonder if things would have been different if their body had been in a better position to push, maybe a position like squatting which completely opens up your pelvis and creates plenty of room for babies to emerge from.

Here is a list of effective birthing positions that many women are not even aware of...

Hands and Knees... good for larger babies
Sitting... engages the wonderful world of gravity!!
Squatting... opens your pelvis
Side-Lying... good for those long labors and exhausted Moms
Standing... also brings in your best friend during labor, her name is gravity!!

So, did you notice what position was lacking from the above list...?


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