20 Months!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday was Cayleigh-Grace's 20 month day, it doesn't seem possible that I gave birth to this 10 lb. 7.8oz baby girl that long ago. If you would like to read how I gave birth naturally while in a birthing tub in a free standing birthing center you can find it here. There is also a slide show of her birth on that page as well.
At 20 months Cayleigh-Grace is blossoming into a little girl every day. She has changed so much just within the past 6 months, and I find myself in awe of her each and every day. She is up and running now, and don't let her size fool you, this girl is fast. We have a galley kitchen and on the other side is a long hallway so her favorite thing to to run in circles though the kitchen and living room and then down the hallway making circles while you chase her. She loves it. She already knows how to pillow fight with you and how to how to tell you NO if you are not doing exactly what she wants you to do. She will even smile on cue now!

Her vocabulary is growing every day, I still have to translate it for most people but we know what she is saying. Her words are, Bell Bell (Tinkerbell), No, Thank you, Toe, Bye Bye, Hi, Uh Oh, Puppy Dog, Kiale, Daddy, Mommy, Kitty, Dou (Shoe), Baby, Num Nums (food, or snack), Bir (bird), gone gone, and Nummy. I am sure she is saying more than that but that is about all I can think of at the moment. Some days it seems like all I hear is "No Mommy, No!" and let me tell you she has those words down pat! 

Things she doesn't like... getting her teeth brushed, having her face washed, not getting to ride in her stroller, green beans, fish (depending on how we cook it), having to stay out of her brothers room and when we come home from the park.

Some of her favorite things are... Tinkerbell, chicken, macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks, sharing my Green Monsters,  swinging, dancing, getting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy at 2am, snuggling, playing with the dogs and her brothers, and her blankets... all 4 of them.

Cayleigh-Grace definitely has a mischievous side, she can open all of the doors in the house open her cup as well as get an entire gallon of milk out of the refrigerator and open it. Thankfully she hasn't tired pouring it... yet. We have to keep the boys bedroom and bathroom door locked. If we leave their bedroom unlocked she will go play Godzilla in their room with whatever she can get her hands on and she will even climb into the top bunk and then freak out because she cannot figure out how to get down. She can open the dogs crate as well as the back door and the sliding screen door (she can unlock that one too) This girl is quite the handful! She understands anything and everything you tell her. She is just amazing.

She wears size 6 shoes and anywhere from 24 months pant and shorts to 3t shirts and 4t sleeper dresses and regular dresses if I want them long. She is still in size 4 diapers and size 2t-3t pull ups. I thought I was going to start potty training her since she can say poo poo whenever she goes poop or pee but she has no interest what soever in going to the bathroom on the toilet so I figure I will just wait until we PCS this fall this way I don't have to worry about regression. 

She has finally weaned herself off of breast milk, it has been a week now since she nursed last. She will pat my chest sometimes and say num nums but the last time she tried I was already dried up. I was in tears last night when she asked for it. It absolutely broke my heart that she wanted to nurse and I couldn't give her anything. She just kept patting my chest and then she would say gone gone and lay her head down. I will admit my heart is breaking over it, but I know it will get better. Thankfully she still loves to snuggle and get in her mommy time.

Since it is too cold out this morning to take pictures I will just leave you this this video I took a couple of days ago, enjoy!


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