Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog meet Casey, Casey meet blog!
Casey is our newly adopted 6 week old kitten. He is very tiny and very sweet and I will have to admit we have already fallen deeply in love with this little guy! Thankfully him and Emi get along great as you could tell from this picture taken the day we picked him up. 

If you were wondering what happened to our Cocker Spaniel Zoe one of the local teacher adopted her. She was not doing as well as we had hoped transitioning from a inside/outside dog to a primarily inside dog. So after discussing it with KS and all the kids we decided to adopt her out and thankfully she was adopted with 24 hours of us sending out an email to Kiale's teacher. She was able to forward it to all of her teacher friends and the rest is history. It was so hard letting her go but I know in the long run this is what was best for her.

Saying Goodbye


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