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Friday, May 7, 2010

 * First off I want to wish all of my fellow military spouses out there a wonderful Military Spouse Appreciation Day! I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day and if nothing else, relax and take a load off you deserve it.

* I will have to admit I am very proud of my husband right now. He is normally a very quiet and reserved person so when he came home last night and said that he got up in front of the entire company and sang the soldiers creed and the army song I was blown away. It was a commanders last day here so they had a special formation for him. KS had to run from the back of his platoons formation all the way up to the front of everyone and start of the cadences of the song and creed. He would yell/sing a line and then everyone would follow. He was still nervous about it after he got home, I am so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone like that. Normally something of that nature would NEVER have been something he volunteered for.

* Kiale lost his third tooth yesterday. It has been loose for quite some time but KS and I don't want him wiggling his teeth around we would rather they fall out naturally so his adult teeth won't be so far behind them. (I know we are no fun) He was thrilled yesterday when he was finally able to pull his tooth out, it was literally hanging on by just a thread. He looks so different already without his tooth, older I guess... I don't like it.

* Cayleigh-Grace got her first dress sleeper the other day, I have been waiting on her to fit into them and to find one that didn't cost almost $15, thanks to Ross I found this one for only $7. Which is a much more reasonable price for a sleeper.... I just cannot see spending that much money for a sleeper... although this one is a 4t so it should be lasting us for quite a while. I think it fits pretty good actually. I am not at all surprised that Cayleigh-Grace loves this sleeper, it has her favorite person on it, her beloved Tinkerbell. I swear this baby can see Tinkerbell from a mile away. This is completely random but, we were passing a McDon@lds billboard the other day and she pointed and it and yelled Num Nums!... I think we have been getting the chocolate milkshakes a little to often...

* I managed to hit the gym yesterday, did 8 miles on the bike and 2 miles on the treadmill,  250 calories burned. Going back today for round two plus I am going to start doing the 20 ab DVD KS and I got in our cereal box the other day. Hopefully it will get this body of mine, particularly my still split abs back into shape. That is the only bad thing I have had in regards to my pregnancies my abs are literally split and no longer connected right down the middle...

* Colin has been doing good. We are still having our usual problems, you know the one where we just oh well that is Colin for ya.... basically he is lazy and never wants to do anything and if you ask him to do it he will take FOREVER and pout in the process. It isn't fun to deal with and frankly it is getting rather annoying to deal with every single day, but we are working on it maybe he will change and get over it one day. I hope, its only be 5 years of the same thing so there is still hope. Right? Other than that he is great and still in love with Tr@nsformers.

*The boys don't know it but KS and I are discussing redoing their bedroom as a surprise to them. We are talking all new bedding and some posters on their walls, the only thing I cant figure out is how to position their beds as you can see they are along the farthest wall right now. Colin has mentioned taking the beds down so that he isn't on the top anymore which is fine with KS and I those beds are very easy to dissemble but I just cannot figure out how to rearrange their room where this isn't a bed under the window and they still have plenty of room to sleep. I am paranoid of someone falling out of our 2 story windows. If you have any suggestions please leave them in my comments section. I am at a loss and not the best interior designer... that is where my sister comes in handy, but since she is 1200 miles away I would love your help! (Please excuse their very messing bedroom) Their room is very large so I know there should still be plenty of room to play with their beds torn apart I just don't want to take down their beds just to put them back up again b/c I don't like the way their room turned out.


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