Colin's Swimming Lessons

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colin started swimming lessons two weeks ago, I have to admit the first day was TERRIBLE all he did was sit and pout at the edge of the pool with is arms crossed... I was livid. I have to be honest though, he didn't disappoint, he did exactly what I thought he would do. You see Colin is cautious and likes to be in his comfort zone, and swimming without a floaty was far from his comfort zone. Also, there were about 7 kids there for the first day. Thankfully after that fist day the number of kids there gradually began to dwindle down and Colin even had two full sessions where he was the only child there. Anyway back to the beginning, after that first day of swimming lessons and after much threatening and bribing Colin started to relax and participate. With each consecutive day Colin got better and better and so much more comfortable in the water. I couldn't believe it was my Colin some days, to see the difference in him from that first day to the third and fourth day even was amazing. By the end of the first week Colin would jump into the water sans floaty and swim back to the surface, to say I am proud of what he has accomplished in just two weeks of swimming lessons would be an understatement. He can now blow bubbles from his nose, dive underwater to get rings, and he can even swim unassisted under the water for a little bit. Unfortunately all of the other classes are booked, but I told his instructor that if any openings come up to give me a call. I would love for him to get in at least another two weeks before the season ends.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 6 (I forgot my camera on Day 5)
Day 7 (didn't take any pics the last day)


Julie the Army Wife said...

That is awesome. My 5 year old did swim lessons this summer but still is not totally comfortable in the water. He wants to be but has some fear there.

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