Get the Crap out of my House

Friday, July 30, 2010

I figured I would start this challenge off with tackling the closets in this house, then I realized just how many closest there were..9 including the laundry area closet. That is when I started feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I figured if I didn't go ahead and hike up my big girl panties in a Steve Urkle like fashion and get to it all of this crap that I have already moved once was just going to get moved again, and honestly I just don't feel like unpacking it all again just to have it sit around and never get touched. Instead of tackling all 9 closets this week I decided to just do the 7 upstairs closets. I was also hoping to get my storage shed cleaned out as well, but since that would only leave me two days to get all the closets done and the storage shed. I decided it can wait until next week to get tackled and cleaned out with the two down stairs closets. Here are all the before and afters, I have to admit I feel so relieved after getting all of this finished. I feel so much closer to being ready for the movers, having this done will make the moving process go so much easier for the packers and for when we unpack!

Upstairs Hallway Closet
 Linen Closet
The Boy's Bedroom Closets

Cayleigh-Grace's Closet


 KS and I's Master Closets 


Karen said...

Wow, great job! I just tackled one closet and felt good about just getting that done. You've done so much. Way to go!

Reina said...

Nice job uncluttering! I'm sooo bad at that!

ps. I'm your 100th follower! I feel so special!


V and Co. said...

wow wow WOW! look at how much you tackled! good job!!! thanks for linking!

trish said...

Way to go!! Everything looks great! :o)

Anonymous said...

That is a lot to do!!! Good job! I bet you feel so happy everytime you open the closet.

annoyed army wife said...

Nice work! Seriously, you must love going in the closets now! I wish I had that kind of determination.

Natasha Burns said...

awesome job, looks great and so organised! you did SO much!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Can I just tell you how proud I am of you! Seriously!!!!! MAJOR points girl!!!!!! I need to do that myself, but I too is sooooo overwhelmed by it all! Thanks for the inspiration!

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