My Blue Dress

Friday, July 23, 2010

I put on a dress that I haven’t worn in well over a year today, and Colin comes in and tells me “I remember that dress” I stared at him for a minute and said, “Oh you do?” He replied yea it’s the dress you wore when we wanted to go to the lake and we got there and you didn’t have the right key, they changed the locks. We really wanted to go swimming and we couldn’t.” I have to admit I just stared at him for a moment… normally it wouldn’t be a big deal and I’m not entirely sure why this simple conversation has struck a nerve in me but it has. So many times we are all so wrapped up in our lives that we forget the little things. Those little things that are so simple and mundane that they just get whisked aside and forgotten… this dress that I only wear when I have got a little too much sun that day, this dress that I would never wear in public but love to slip on after a long day in the sun… this dress that obviously means so much to my son that whenever he sees me in it; it brings back memories… this dress that I must always keep.


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