Monday, August 2, 2010

I know its a day late but... HAPPY AUGUST everyone!! Wow, I was catching up on the weekends events in blog land when it hit me this could be the last full month we spend in this place. I have to admit I do love it here, yes it started out rough, but what did I expect. This is my first move; I went from living with my parents to moving 13 minutes away when I married KS and now we live 1200+ miles from our families. Even though I have been homesick here and there I love where I live now. I love being away and feeling more grown up. I don't have that sense of dependency I had when we lived back home. As crazy as it may sound I feel like a 25 year old who finally grew up, even though I have been married for seven and a half years with three kids. Who would have guessed some distance was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and make me feel more adult. I don't rely on people like I did before, and to be honest I don't feel like I rely on anyone, I can get done whatever I need to get done on my own. I don't need someone looking over my shoulder making sure I am doing it right. It is very refreshing to feel this way, but don't get me wrong if something goes wrong or if I need anything Mom and Dad's phones are ringing instantly. No matter how grown up I may feel now I still know that no matter what I can always, and will always go to them whenever I need them and they will do whatever they can to set things right.

Anyways... that was not where I was going with this post today. August... wow. So much will happen within this next month and once September gets here things will really start to get crazy. This month will be full of vacation Bible school for the boys, swimming lessons, and spending as much time with friends as possible before everyone leaves following graduation in September. Not to mention I have already dug out my "moving folder" and my portable filing system. These two things that must be permanently attached to my body during the moving process. Plus school will be starting in just a couple of weeks so we have all the prep for that going on right now. Thank goodness I went ahead and enrolled them at the end of the school year last year so that is one thing I don't have to worry about, although I do have to get their school physicals done before they can start. I finally switch us over to Tricare Prime, we had been on Standard since KS started BCT and I just hadn't got around to switching us over yet, thankfully we haven't even used our insurance since we moved here. KS will have a week in the field playing Rambo with his friends, hopefully they will enjoy it, but with this heat I doubt it. They are going to be miserable. This month is going to fly by I just know it. Soon we will be celebrating our big birthday month, September, I cant believe I will have a 2 year old and a 7 year old very soon. September "should" also be filled with packing and moving... I hope. If we ever get orders... Gotta love the Army's hurry up and wait motto... or is that just the Army wives motto. Either way its the truth!


Jhona O. said...

We are on the other side of our boxes now:) We lived at our last duty station for six and a half years. It was hard to believe we would ever have called it home, but we did. I find myself feeling homesick for Kansas every once in a while now. I have been keeping that in mind as I try to adjust to our new home. I pray that this next transition will be smooth for you and your family!

Maranda said...

Wow!!! What a month you have ahead of you! I can't believe it's August already! I'm crossing my fingers that you all get your orders soon!

It's Something Beautiful said...

You do have a busy month ahead of you! I hope your move will be a smooth one!

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