Weekend Bullet Points

Saturday, August 28, 2010

 Once again a totally random weekend post.

* Fixing to celebrate Kiale's 7th and Cayleigh-Grace's 2nd birthday with a party and a BBQ in a few hours
*All the guys graduate this week
*Only 2 more weekends here before we PCS out
*will be seeing my family in about a month!!
*Tried out this recipie for amazing cupcakes and cake, will share pictures after the party.
*Is in TOTAL denial about my sweet little princess turning 2 and my first born turning 7... that is right I said 7.    Wow.
*KS got a leave extension so we all get to leave together instead of just the kids and I.
* Pringles Xtreme Blastin' Buffalo Wing chips are my new favorite thing.

Our friends will be here soon so I need to go finish getting ready, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Dusty, Kimmy and Niran said...

I want yogurt-covered cranberries!!!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Have a great time celebrating birthdays :)

Maranda said...

Happy birthday to your little ones!!!

It's Something Beautiful said...

I hope your little ones have a great birthday! Yay for your husband getting a leave extension. :)


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