1st Day of School

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday was the boy's first day of school and I have to tell you they loved it! I think both of them were really happy to be back with their friends after a long summer break.

Kiale's response to the first day of school: It was awesome, I went to the playground 3 times, did one paper of math, got a crayon box, and had lunch.We went to music and the gym, when we came back we packed up our stuff and then played the quiet game. Then I went home.

Colin's response to the first day of school: I was sort of happy, I played with Play Doh, drew a picture, took a nap and went home.

Kiale - 1st Grade
Colin - Kindergarten
Eating breakfast in the cafeteria
Cayleigh-Grace had to bring her Tinkerbell backpack too, she didn't want to feel left out.


Julie the Army Wife said...

So cute! Glad they had a great first day :)

Little Momma said...

So sweet! Playdoh on the 1st day is a good sign!

Kathy said...

Those comments about their school day sounded like typical "little boy" recollections! LOL

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