Friday, August 6, 2010

Its not THE news but it is news, we WILL have orders on Monday. Or so we have been told from S1, the guy who actually prints and hands out the orders. He has taken names of everyone orderless (so not a word...) and has promised orders by the end of the day Monday.... I will believe it when I have the orders in my hand. Until then its still just wishful thinking.

I have started my lists again, I am up to 3 so far. If you remember when I moved here for KS's AIT I had probably 8 lists going at one time. Hopefully I won't break that record. I would like to keep this move as simple as possible, although the words simple and PCSing just do not go together.

I have been obsessing over the post we will most likely be PCSing to. I have housing picked out, I know which elementary school the boys will be attending on post and I even found out that they have a swim team and swimming lessons all year.

Hopefully I will be able to get on here Monday and say that we FINALLY have orders!!


Maranda said...

That is the WORST! I hate waiting for orders. I will keep my fingers crossed that you actually get them!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Oh how exciting! I hope you really do hear on Monday :) This is the post you will be at for a few years then?

Little Momma said...

It stinks when they just won't tell you, & you know darn well that they already know! Especially when there are kids to get in school. Luckily, we know where we are headed next... just waiting on that piece of paper. (of course, I realize it is still up in the air until we have them in our hands!)_

JG said...

Oh! I hope you get orders tomorrow! :)

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