All Quiet on the Western Front.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Things have been so quiet around here since I found out our orders. I wish I had been blogging so much more this summer, but I always have such a hard time doing it while the boys are on their summer vacation. Now that school started back up today I am hoping to do better with keeping this more up to date. I hate that I slacked off so much this summer because I know memories only stay fresh for so long, but I am going to try and play catch up, and go through and post about all of the things I left out during this summer.

I have done as much as I possibly can until my application for on post housing has been reviewed, its been 3 days, not counting the weekend. I am very impatient, and I know they have lots of applications and mine will be dated on the 17th which is when I filled it out online, but I have so many questions to ask and they are not going to be able to be answered until that application has been reviewed and processed!! I called and left a message today asking about how I had heard of people who are coming straight off of BCT and AIT getting back dated from when they started BCT on the waiting lists, but of course the lady never called me back. I will be calling again first thing in the morning. Has anyone else heard of this? I know Ft. Campbell and Ft. Bragg do this but I am not sure if it is something that is practiced across the board or not. I saw it on my upcoming Post's website but the lady who runs the front desk new nothing about it, granted she has only been there for a month or so, so that could be why.

At this point it is looking like I will be moving on my own again, oh joy, and by on my own I mean no KS here to help oversee packers and movers etc. Thankfully Daddy was able to drive the kids and I here, but it is looking like I will be the one who gets to drive across several states this time. Did I ever mention that driving is not my favorite thing to do? KS just got caught back up on his leave since he took the two weeks off during BCT for exodus and we have no interest in him going back into the hole again. It has taken 9 months to get him caught back up with a little extra, and by little I mean 3 days. Impressive right?

What does everyone know about permissive TDY? We were thinking about using some of it to go back home in September/October to visit family but I don't know if its something that you have to stay within a certain number of miles from the post or if you can go out be gone for a few days with it? I know that it isn't something that is certain we will be able to get, it all depends on how busy his unit is at that time. Where we are moving to is within 5 hours of home, so we would love to head back for a few days and celebrate the kids birthdays with our families and see everyone we haven't seen for 6 months now.

I was talking to a lady I met out at the pool today, her husband is Air Force, and I just wanted to double check with all my Army gals. I had asked about whether or not we would be able to go home on long weekends whenever we wanted or if we would have to have KS actually take leave for it even though he wouldn't be working anyway, and they said that we would have to take leave, because he wouldn't be able to be called in whenever they needed him. It made sense to me I just wanted to make sure that that is how it worked in the Army too. Oh and I had another question, if we don't have housing when KS has to leave in the next couple of weeks can the kids and I stay here on base until our housing is available? Will they put KS in the barracks while we are still here or will we have to pay to put KS up somewhere? I called today and was told that they will only pay for 10 days of hotel housing while we try to get put in a house since there is no temporary housing on post, so we are going to have to time this move just right. KS wants me to move with him, but our stuff in storage and then go home to family until we get our housing. I have to keep reminding him that the boys are in school now and we cant just leave them out for a couple of weeks and everything be okay with their records.

Well, I guess this post has been long winded enough. If you can answer my questions or offer me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Here are a couple of pics to make this long post all worth it.


brandy said...

ok i think you have to ask housing on this post if you can stay bc if i remember correctly if he isnt here they want you off post as well but double check on it and you do have to put in for leave or request to be gone if your gonna go back home and i think he can stay in the barracks while hes there and your here and then he can move in with you when you get there but double check that one that was my concern too

Chelle said...

1. You can do the drive and have a LOAD of fun doing it. I did it with the kids, dog, cats, and a trailer. Took me 3 days, a couple cry fests in the bathroom, a LOT of potty breaks, and a road kill bingo game but we did it. The kids have said that was their favorite "vacation" so far. Guess I did something right, huh?

2. A lot of commands will say that you will have to pay for a hotel outta pocket because they won't put the Soldier up in the barracks due to being a married soldier. HOWEVER We have found that is really dependant on the command. When my husband checked into here without me; they made him stay in a hotel for 1 night then moved him into a barracks for a month free till I got there. So while it's not always done, there is the possibility. Also is he going with anyone else? We were lucky in that DH was going with some other guys and they split the cost of the hotel between 3 guys and had planned to do that if they didn't get the barracks.

It'll all work out. Just take one thing at a time, with that said, I was a complete basket case till I got to our post.

JG said...

I don't know any of the answers to your questions, but I love your pics!!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Whew, I don't know any of your questions either, but I will say a prayer for you and your family as you go through the moving process. I'm sure it will all work out fine!

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