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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years everyone!! Today in an effort to start the new year out on a good foot I managed to cook all three of our meals today!! I know it sounds weird, I cooked all three meals? Well instead of the kids usual oatmeal or cereal for breakfast I cooked a quiche a Boudin and Green Pepper Quiche, well minus the boudin. Our commissary does not carry boudin so I opted for a beer brats sausage. It was a total success! Normally I do not like quiches because I am really weird about how my eggs are cooked. I cannot stand cooked yoke, but this I loved!! The only person how didn't like it was Colin, but that is normal around this house. He doesn't like half of what I cook. He is our resident picky eater. For lunch instead of sandwich meat or corn dogs I made Mini Meatball Sandwiches, and instead of buying the meatballs I made them! I had never made meatballs before, but they were super easy and fun to do. For dinner we are having a typical holiday dinner for our house, just will a New Years twist, you cannot have New Years dinner without black eyed peas for good luck! In about an hour we will be eating, New Year's Black-Eyed Peas, slightly updated, ham, baked potatoes, and corn bread. Hopefully they turn out great, I know they smell good! The only thing that would make dinner better would be if we had some salad, but I always have to forget something.

All of these recipes came from the Pioneer Woman's recipe website Tasty Kitchen. I have heard rave reviews about her and her cooking but I had never really ventured over there to explore and try out her website until yesterday. I will have to admit I will be using her again and again in the future. The food is wonderful and easy to make! The only thing is that I feel like I have been in my kitchen all day! Its not such a bad thing just something I will have to get used to.    


Dusty, Kimmy and Niran said...

I couldn't do all meals, you're strong woman. I love cooking, just couldn't spend the whole day in the kitchen at all! One day on the weekend I try to make a good breakfast. And every so often I'll do a full lunch. Dinner is the only meal that I couldn't imagine not putting effort into. But that is the meal we are together most for, plus we review our days together. Let me know your favorite recipes!!!

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