Deployment Goals

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have seen many places where they suggest a list of goals to occupy your time during deployments. What goals have you made, what do you do to keep the time passing quickly? Is there any particular goals that you would suggest? I am hoping to compile a list very soon, but I was looking for some pointers since as of right now my list is fairly short.


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I found that planning something, either for R&R or for the ed of deployment, was really helpful for both of us. Maybe a gat-away? Or things to do with him and the kids during block leave? It really helped us keep focused on the future.

It's Something Beautiful said...

Here are the things that have helped me through the three (SMALL) deployments we've been through: 1. planning for future events 2. staying focused on grades 3. spending time with great supportive friends 4. making time for myself (ex. getting a pedicure).

My fiance (soon husband) is deploying later on this year and it will be our first combat deployment. To help me through I plan on: 1. figuring out our honeymoon 2. plan our vow renewal 3. work as much as possible 4. focus on studies 5. travel around my home state to take pictures 6. spend more time in my blog!

I hope this helps a little bit!

annoyed army wife said...

Holy crap, my deployment goals list is nuts. I've almost completed everything. It gave me a chance to get back into some hobbies I've put off for, oh, like the last 10 years. Last night I just finished up sewing a new dress (love it!). I've had nothing but time this deployment. Just me, my pups, and bunnies to look after.

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