Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You want to know something I cannot stand? Being taken advantage of and I think this is exactly what the dentist out west was trying to do. I was told that each of my boys had 4 cavities and they both needed at least 4 sealants. For a total of $740 each... needless to say that didn't happen. Last I checked we were a family of 5 living on one enlisted salary and cannot possibly afford to sink $1480 into our kids mouths. It just wasn't going to and didn't happen. Thank God. Where am I going with this? Well I took the kids to the dentist today here in town and guess what????? Colin has 0 that is right ZERO cavities and one spot that needs to be watched. His teeth are great, and Kiale has 2 cavities and needs 2 sealants. I hand delivered the x-rays and records from the office out west and the dentist here flat out said there x-rays are clean there are no cavities except for Kiale's. He could not believe that that dentist wanted to do all that work plus use the nitrous to "relax" the kids so he could do the work. I am so glad that I waited until we got here to get the work done. If I had shelled out all that money just to find out it was a waste I would have lost it right there in the office. As it is I am super tempted to call the old dentist and ask him exactly what the hell it was he was thinking telling me that my kids needed all that damn work done. PSYCHO....  Anyway long story short, Kiale has an appointment in a few weeks to get his cavities filled and his two sealants done, and the dentist will check on Colin's area of concern when we are back in six months. I like $100 dollars of work a whole hell of a lot better then $1480 of work. He also cleaned Cayleigh-Grace's teeth and said we need to start the weaning process off of her paci, even though she is only taking it for naps and night time it is starting to affect her teeth and she is beginning to get an overbite because of it. I guess we will start it tonight, although I do not see it going over very well. We will see how it goes. He suggested that if she is having a hard time to cut the tip of the paci of and shorten it once a week until it is gone and she doesn't want it anymore. My main concern is her using her thumb instead of her paci, I sucked my thumb for YEARS and that is not something I want my daughter doing. He also said its not that big of a deal right now but it needs to be done by the time she is three; so if it is to traumatic for her at this point we will just wait awhile and try it again later. Either way I was planning on pulling it before her third birthday so this just gives me more incentive to do it sooner rather then later. She isn't to fond of the idea though.

I almost forgot, we did get some other really good news from the dentist today. Colin has rank breath, and by rank I mean it smells like poop. Doesn't matter if he just brushed his teeth or not it still stinks, well the dentist said it has nothing to do with his teeth since they are good and healthy but he could have some sort of stomach or nasal issue. KS and I always figured it was his teeth, his tongue or something. So we will be making an appointment to get him checked out and see what we can do about that child's breath, because trust me you don't want his mouth anywhere near you. Hopefully it is just some minor nasal dripping or even allergies that can be easily corrected. I am just hoping there isn't something wrong with his stomach and that is where the smell is coming from. We shall see. All we know for sure is that it is coming from down his throat and has nothing to do with his mouth or teeth.


It's Something Beautiful said...

That's horrible! I cant believe someone would try to scam another person like that!!

I hope leaning her of the paci goes well. My fingers are crossed for you!

Amanda said...

A friend of mine just moved to Texas and they are in the midst of getting a second opinion from another dentist. The first one came up with over $3000 worth of dental and orthodontic work--and that's after the insurance for the dental stuff. The story is remarkably similar, honestly. I'm glad you found a better dentist!

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