Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today has been one of the lazy lay around the house and snack all day sort of days. I got up cleaned out the dryer and dishwasher reloaded the dishwasher and that is about it. KS sanded down the fender on the car and painted it... twice. Then I got fussed at b/c I didn't tell him about the scratches I noticed in the paint. I saw them while he was sanding it down, shouldn't he have noticed them!?!?! Oh well, it looks fine, just has lots of small scratches on that side. Hopefully he will be able to get them out and fix it next weekend. Its going to be a busy couple of weeks around here with the kids school, Thanksgiving parties, and hopefully KS will get a pass so we can go home and see our family during the holiday. Cayleigh-Grace's potty training is 100% done and had been for a few days now. She doesn't even wear diapers to bed or when we go out anymore. It is great not having to worry about if I packed the diapers and wipes anymore. I just keep a change of clothes for her in the truck and that is it. We got the boys school pictures in last week, I love them! Kiale looks so grown up now and Colin is getting there; I can still see some baby in him.



Julie the Army Wife said...

What handsome boys you have :)

It's Something Beautiful said...

Awww what a bunch of cute little men you have! Also, yay for potty training to be completed. :)

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