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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sorry for the crickets around here lately we have been pretty dang busy. My grandparents where her Sunday to Monday, and then my MIL was here Thursday and Friday. It was so nice to finally have some family here and to play hostess for a couple of days. Things are going great here. KS really likes his unit and the boys have so many new friends its hard to keep track of all their names.

One thing I have been doing quite a bit of lately is sewing, so much that I finally finished the duvet cover for Cayleigh-Grace's big girl bed. I still have to get the Velcro to finish the opening but other then that it is done and I am so happy with how it has turned out. Next on my sewing to do list is all of the table runners I have the fabric for. I like to buy the charm packs where are 5in squares of fabric that have about 36-42 pieces of fabric from the same line in them. I have the charm packs to do runners for Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving I just haven't got around to it yet, but hopefully this week I will be able to get started on them. I almost forgot I also made curtains for our kitchen a couple of weeks ago. Both Cayleigh-Grace's duvet cover and my kitchen curtains are by my favorite fabric designer Pat Bravo from Art Gallery Fabrics.

top of her duvet cover
bottom of the duvet cover
Kitchen Curtains
  We bought a "new to us car" about two weeks ago, it was just too much of a pain in the butt trying to get around post with one automobile especially since KS cant really walk to work here. Well he could, it would just take forever. We spent $1250 on the car and it is great, KS replaced the radiator and the window motor on the drivers side, we aren't even going to bother with the passenger side, now all he has to replace are the CV axles and the mount and it will be good as new.

The boys are doing good in school, Colin is right where he should be and Kiale has finally caught back up. I had a conference with their teachers last week and it was good news all around. Kiale and I's teacher are working close together to try and get his shutting down to a minimum. Plus he had been getting too much help from his classmates so that will be changing on Monday. She will be implementing some new teaching styles with him starting on Monday and going through until Christmas break. We will have another conference then to see how everything is going. We are hoping that this ends the 3-4 hours a night we sometimes spends doing homework and other issues we have been having with Kiale. Colin is reading very well know and his teacher is really proud of him and how he is doing in class.

Overall life here is going great we are totally settled and have made some wonderful friends along the way. We are definitely looking forward to our next three years here and what they will bring us.

Watching TV in Colin's room.
Snuggling with Colin, this hardly ever happens.


Chelle said...

Love the duvet and curtains. They add so much color and sparkle to the whiteness around.

G-Zell said...

I really like that duvey cover. REALLY beautiful

KBH said...

thanks for sharing the fabric links! you've done a really good job with the duvet cover and curtains. i desperately need curtains in my kitchen. AND don't worry about the crickets, you definitely have a busy life outside of the blogworld!!! :)

Julie the Army Wife said...

Glad to see a new post from you :) Sounds like things are going really well!

Pat Bravo said...

Thank you for being my fan. Your duvet cover and curtains are so charming! But hands down your kids are the most beautiful on this post!
Love Pat

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