Lost It!

Friday, August 14, 2009

That's it its official. My boys have absolutely lost it! Kiale and I were burning stuff in the burn pit last night trying to get this house ready to sell before Kiale leaves for boot camp in November since we both know he will not have time to do everything after he leaves. So I send the boys outside to play this morning (its only 9:30...) and then after a while I notice that its quiet, too quiet. As mothers we all know that something bad is happening when things get too quiet, so I go and investigate, and what do I find? Two boys playing in what is left of the fire from last night! KJ says to me, but we wanted to make a fire too. They both know better, I just do not understand what goes through their minds sometimes. Needless to say they are both in bed and not getting out for quite some time. Do they see anything wrong with what they did, nope. There in lies my problem... what am I going to do with two boys that have completely lost their marbles???


Kathy said...

There is nothing that little boys love better than fire and water! Good luck to you and hubby as he embarks on his new journey. Blessings, Kathy

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