Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talk about a busy week/ momentousness week. After doing so well on the ASVAB KS has been playing phone tag with the recruiter, a General (or Commander...) and some other high ranking person off and on all week. He has even had to pleasure of 2 or 3 wonderful trips (lol, its been a busy week and I am loosing count...) to OP for paperwork and such, but at the end of the week things are looking perfect... so here is a look at KS's week...

ASVAB- rocked it!
Discuss jobs start emailing in paperwork
Talking to some higher ranking official about his 2 minor traffic violations & have a phone interview with someone even higher to get our dependent waiver (which we got YAY!!).
Interview with someone else about his 2 minor traffic violations, and the beginning of scrambling around to find our "lost" (thanks for finding it Mom!) Marriage license and my missing birth certificate.
I go and get a duplicate birth certificate and thankfully the duplicate marriage license that i ordered came in the mail not even 24hrs after I ordered it. KS went back up to OP to take in all of our original documents. He was also able to securely reserve his job and make his appointment to get his physical done Monday.

Friday was an awesome day for KS he was able to get all of his paperwork done for this stage, reserve his job, find out his deployment date for basic training, and find out the lengths and dates for all of his schooling. The job he has his job reserved, but to actually get that job he as to pass the physical Monday and get certain numbers to be able to accept for that job. This was not his number one pick for his job, but it is a job in the same field that he wanted to work. KS was hoping that the overall section of his MOS was going to be open. He is still looking at 2 other potential jobs but that all depends on if they open up by the time he takes his physical on Monday. If they do not become open he will continue with the current MOS.

KS also signed up for Airborne School on Friday as well, so he will get to do an airplane jump during that schooling.

I will update more on Monday after I find out exactly what job he was able to get sworn in with. Like I said everything depends on what he scores on his physical, but without a doubt come Monday afternoon we will officially be an Army family, and I will be an Army Wife! I couldn't be prouder.


Ashley said...

Kaile Congrats.. I am so happy for you guys.. Charity I know you are so proud of him..

Brittany and Charlie said...

Wow big changes!!! Congrats:)

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