Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have had a rough couple of days, the reality of everything is beginning to settle in and to be perfectly honesty I am scared. Scared of just how fast these next 3 months are going to go, between school and soccer. Not to mention just everyday life they are going to fly... and I am not sure if I am ready for that yet. I am not ready to drop my husband off at a hotel and then not hear from him for who knows how long. I know I will talk to him on or around Thanksgiving, and thankfully he will be coming home for Christmas, but then he leaves again... I know it will be okay but it is just so hard to face the unknown and this is a big unknown.


KBH said...

Hugs for you in the upcoming months.
Thanks for your comment back to me.... I must say that the name has done me well ;) I really love it!! (Of course, I used to NOT like my middle name, Lee, but I think every child goes through that, right?) I saw that you had a water birth with your daughter, I did too!!! It was an amazing experience. I will have to link you to the slide show of our homebirth.... it's on my blog somewhere (I just have to find it). I don't know how you get in sooo much sewing with 3 kids!!! I'm truly amazed! I sew baby slings and I love the mermaid fabric, where did you get it?

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