Fast Forward

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much has changed since graduation on Friday. We have decided to go ahead and move... now. Well really in just a couple of weeks but it might as well be now. So I have been busy cleaning, purging, getting housing setup, and trying to contact transportation to get movers out here in two weeks, but the lady at the transportation office is absolutely no help at all and I cannot figure out the online site to save my life. I am hoping that KS will be able to go by the trans office today and get it all setup. He also has to go by JAG and get a POA made for me since he has yet to do it. I'm taking dogs to the vet today, we decided to keep our Cocker Spaniel Zoe instead our cat. KS didn't want to keep any cats. Which works for me, I was already doubting my decision not to keep her. I will do posts for Family Day and Graduation soon, things here are just CRAZY right now!! I have also been given 4 wonderful blog awards by 4 amazing women and I promise I will get to posting them as soon as possible. I have not forgotten about them!



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