Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today will be crazy, I have family coming to help watch kids, and even more family coming to help clean out our 1,024sq ft garage, someone coming to pick up a chest that I sold and a guy coming to lay down baseboards throughout the house and hopefully more. KS still cant get a hold of transportation, thankfully I have orders and a POA in the mail that "should" hopefully be here today so I can set it up myself. Housing called him last week on Wed. He called back during lunch and it just went to voice mail, he didn't leave a message... and he hasn't had time to call back. I am really trying to not get frustrated I fully understand that between early morning to afternoon he is on "Army Time" and is not supposed to do personal stuff. I get that and I fully understand that, but I am also very concerned that we will loose the house b/c they have not heard back from him.... They are closed on weekends so there goes that idea... let God and let go.


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