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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you ever have those weeks where you wish you could just send your kids back to wherever it is they came from? That is me!!! These three are driving me bonkers!! The boys have been pushing my buttons and all of my limits for the past two weeks, and Cayleigh-Grace has been very fussy. I am starting to wonder if she will hit her terrible twos at 18 months just like Kiale did. It wouldn't surprise me since she takes after him the most anyway. We will be doing a lot of traveling these next few days and I just hope that they straighten up and start acting right for me. It just seems like I have been completely unable to get control over them for some reason.

On a lighter note, we will be reunited with KS this week!! I am very excited and trying not to dwell on the fact that we will see him for two days and then have to give him back again. Hopefully we will have a lot of contact during this second phase of his training; we should, but you never know. As of right now he does not have his orders in hand but he should by later on today. I hope. Please keep us and all the other families traveling in your prayers. You could throw in an extra prayer for no snow and warmer weather too! I wouldn't mind. :-)

I sold my TV on Saturday and I bought a new entertainment center yesterday. I am really excited about it!! It won't be in for another 3-6 weeks, but that is okay since I don't even have a TV to put on it yet. I cannot wait to get it in. The picture of it makes the wood look very pink, but in reality the wood is almost the white color of maple. I will be staining it natural on the top and then the rest of it will be white. The handles will be the natural color too. I picked out our new dinning table and chairs while I was there too. You have no idea how happy I will be to have a table with more than 3 chairs, at this point when we are able to eat as a family 1 or 2 kids have to eat on the toy box that we use as a bench. The table in the link is a little bigger than the one I picked out but it looks the same. I will have a large table with 6 chairs and room to fit two more chairs if I need too!! These will be stained the same was as the entertainment center. I am so excited to be getting some new furniture, and this is all wood furniture so it should hold up well to our many future Army moves!


Julie the Army Wife said...

New furniture is great! I like that entertainment center :)

So nice you will be with KS again soon :)

Ashley said...

Love new furniture! :)

I hope the kids calm down and aren't horrible during your trips!

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