Lists and a Suprise

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My life seems to be all about lists these past few days and adding to them. I am up to 4 pages of lists now... but do you know the best thing about lists? You get to mark stuff off of them! I have a list for bills to pay off with our return, I have a list for what I need to take to graduation, I have a list for everything I need to do/buy to complete the remodel on the house so we can get it rented... here is my do/buy before renters list:

Paint- bedrooms, bathrooms, ceiling, and cabinets
Replace Floors- bathrooms, bedrooms
Other- put the base boards down, replace the board on the ceiling that is missing (decorative), put the trim around the doors, replace the hinges in the kitchen, pressure wash the house, but new garbage cans, replace outlets throughout the house.
Rent- dumpster and clean out garage and yard
Sell- my van
Clean- out closets and under the sinks, organize Christmas decorations, clear out outside toys
Purge- any clothes that are too small or just worn out
Dogs- get both of them updated on shots, and get Zoe fixed
Cats- find homes for all 4 of them

and finally after all that is done...

I can get all this done in a month right!? I sure hope so since I called the housing company on base yesterday and they said they already have a house we could move into right now, and there is zero wait for a 3 bedroom house on post!! I am so excited, I couldn't believe it when the lady told me we will be moving as soon as I can get renters in this house!! I have already called and got Colin on the waiting list for Pre-K, and Kiale is already signed up as an incoming kindergartner. I even talked to the principle at the school today, she was very nice and answered all of my questions for me. I am getting more and more excited with every passing day. Did I mention that KS will be graduating in just a few short days!! He passed his PT test and beat his shortest time for running the 2 mile. All of his times and figures have improved, so he is doing wonderfully!  We are fixing to end one part of training and then jump in head first into the next phase of training, and I couldn't be prouder of my husband. He has pushed through the pain and overcame what he needed to overcome to complete his goals!!


Julie the Army Wife said...

It's been great to see you go from right before he left to where you guys are now :)

Booklover1212 said...

You're doing an amazing job and you're already adapting to being an Army wife! Way to go!!!


~ Jennifer

JG said...

Wow! How exciting!! You are totally on top of it and you are doing amazingly. That's so great that you already have housing. Seriously, I envy you right now. I'm still in limbo!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your task list! I'm also a bit of a compulsive list maker!

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