Thursday, February 11, 2010

No, I am not talking about the fun game we all played in our childhood, and at some wild and crazy weddings. I am talking about where I am at right now. I am hanging in limbo waiting for either the green light or the yellow light. Unfortunately I will continue hanging in limbo until KS and I can sit down and talk about all of our options there are lots of pros and cons all of which revolve around when we should move. Should it be June or should it be March/April? If we move in March/April we will not have to wait for a house one is already ready for us, but we would have to move the kids out of their wonderful school into a school whose curriculum is quite a bit less then the school they are currently attending. They boys would be ahead of their peers but I do not want them bored in class. Colin would be going from a full day preK with reading, writing, math, Spanish, and Bible study to a half day of preK... Kiale will continue to be in a full days classes, but their new school just doesn't offer everything that their current school does so I am just starting to think that it will be better for the kids to finish out the school year here. KS won't be able to live with us until April-ish and I know I don't want to move until he can actually live with us. Although, we would get to see him at night and on weekends if we were to move, but I realize that a lot of his time will be taken up with school and homework. So if we were to move mid April, they would only have a month and a half of school left to complete if we were to stay, and looking at the grand scheme of things I keep thinking to myself why not just stay and finish out the school year. Kiale and my sister are both graduating this year, full cap and gown graduations ceremonies. One from Kindergarten and one from high school and I really want to get pictures of the two of them together with their cap and gowns and I also want to see her graduate, as well as be here for her Senior Prom. There are so many different reasons why I want to stay here, and of course the reason I want to move. Well that's the easy one, KS.
This is where I stop and ask all of my experienced Army Wife friends and any other readers experienced with moving school aged children for advice. So please leave your thoughts in my comments section, I don't want to overlook anything that I may not be currently aware of once KS and I are able to sit down and make our decision, and please remember, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Thank You. ~Charity

By the way... I sold my van today, that is one thing I get to mark off my list, and buy selling that it means I will get to mark several other things off of my list that I needed the money from the van to complete!! I am one happy woman today!!


Julie the Army Wife said...

That is a hard one. For the most part our rule is "if the Army lets us be together, we will be together" meaning we don't want to live apart unless the Army makes us. But there could be sitautions were that might not be the best thing to do.

If I were in your shoes I think I might wait until the end of the year just because by mid-April you are almost done anyways. Also because it would mean a lot to see your sister graduate and go to prom. If it was like now I would probably move. But then I think if my son was in K I would want him to finish the year at the same school.

It is a hard decision to make.

Daniel is in pre-school and will have to start a new school in March but our situation is a little different and so not worth staying here in Germany so he can finish.

alohavale said...

I think it partly depends on where you will be living. Base housing? Big family neighborhood/apartments. If there will be a lot of kids around, then your kids will have an easy time making friends in the summer, so move then. If not, then it is better to move them early so they can get a chance to make a few friends before summer. Otherwise, they will be be frustrated and lonely for home, family and friends all summer.
As for making friends, the bases often have inexpensive camps or summer classes for the kids. Also don't forget that you can sign them up for VBS at several churches in your new community. It will help you find a church and give an inexpensive (or most often free) camp, where they can make friends.
One bad note about moving in the summer, the movers are the summer temporary teams, and the military bargains for the least expensive ones in the book. So you will have the year round team during April, but the inexperienced ones in June. Twice I have had things stolen by movers, so make sure that you have someone else watch the kids and get someone to help you watch the movers. If you have a piano or can get one (don't worry if it works- look for a free one Craig's list), then the military has to get a moving company that can handle a piano. These have to be more experienced and professional movers. Just a little trick i learned. Good luck. Either way will be the right answer. It is just a matter of finding out what is right for you and your kids.

One more thing. Anything that needs to be disassembled (like a bed, desk, curio cabinet), will have screws and bolts. Have ziploc bags ready for these parts (and label what they came from) and put ALL of those parts into one box. That box goes in last in the truck (so it comes out first). That way the furniture can be assembled quickly. You also will want a linens box and a lamp going in last. HTH

Chelle said...

We've moved the kids mid school year and at the end of the school year. I have found that moving mid year is always easier on the kids. Last year we were in a year round school they weren't set to finish school til July 21st or something, but we moved May 21st. I completely forgot that the schools in our new town ended less then 2 weeks after our arrival. The kids went from May 21st till September with no school. They were miserable, no friends, non of their normal sports activities. Thankfully there was a Boys and Girls club here that I put them in half days so they could make friends before school started. We're getting ready to prepare to PCS, whenever the Army gives us orders, probably not till the day he graduates. gotta love it. And we've already made the decision to move asap.

For us it was an easy choice, my husband wants to go on another deployment. He feels called to go go back. So as soon as he gets with his unit he's putting the word out that he will go if they send him. Who knows how long or short that could be. We've already been apart for 4 months the idea of not seeing each other before he possibly deploys just doesn't settle for me.

Things I've learned on my years of PCS'ing: Make numerous copies of your pictures, discs, thumb drives and leave them in different places. I have copies with my MIL, mom, and best friend plus 3 copies in the house. It's time consuming but after loosing 5 years worth of pictures I'm paranoid. Scan all vital records in case something happens.

Take pictures of EVERYTHING before the move and after the move.

Make one part of the house the "do not pack" part and keep those things in there that you want to take with you.

Depending on your packers, anything that is liquid even if it's never been opened the won't pack. I learned that the hard way.

Set up a restock the kitchen fund before the move. When we moved I thought I emptied everything but didn't, ended up giving away almost $200 in food away to neighbors and had to start from scratch when we got here.

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