An Aqua and Red Tree Trimming

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well I finally got into the Christmas spirit and now I am loving it! Here are pictures from when we put up the tree, enjoy!

My favorite color combination has to be aqua and red, so I figured why not base my Christmas tree around it? I cannot wait to add to it in the coming years, we are buying  a 7.5 foot tree next year and I cannot wait to see it up and decorated. I just have to find more ornaments and decorations for it. Unfortunately the large white bow that I usually have as a tree topper got RUINED in the move, if I get another one it will have its own box so it doesn't get messed up, again. Thankfully I still had the angel that I had used a few years ago packed away, if I hadn't of had that we would have been in trouble and minus a tree topper.
I will be posting pictures of the kids decorating their trees soon, as well as Colin's Christmas play from last week!


JG said...

How fun! I really missed not putting up our tree this year. I love your nutcracker collection!

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