Our First Snow!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

KS woke me up at 6am disappointed and seeing nothing but wet ground, but when he woke me up at 8am... well that was an entirely different story! The bad part with the snow, I don't think it is going to stick. We had so much rain yesterday that as soon as the snow hits the wet ground it melts. The boys were really looking forward to seeing white everywhere, but this sure does beat the flurries we saw for the first time on the 5th of December.*(see below for the flurry story) This day has been amazing, The snow has been falling off and on all day with about 3 hours in between where it was just flurries and we were all worried we had seen the last of it, until about 3 o'clock that is... this day ended up being the perfect end to our Christmas weekend. Who ever would have guessed that we would be seeing snow the day after Christmas.
and the snowballs start flying!
This was the perfect end to a Christmas weekend!
Kiale's snowman
Colin's snow bug
God Bless America!!
Their first snow!
group snow fight!!

*The flurry story- It was about three in the afternoon and I had to head out to the Commissary for the usual Sunday staples before they are closed on Monday and I could not figure out what was hitting me in the face when I walked out the door. It wasn't raining b/c it wasn't wet and it wasn't until I looked at my husbands car did I figure it out. It was solid white circles, snow flurries. I ran inside and got the boys to come out, they couldn't believe it, but the only way they could get a good look at them was when they got caught in each others hair. So there we were outside me in a jacket and my boys in a pair of shorts and a pair of pants... no shoes and no shirts. Then KS sent Cayleigh-Grace outside to experience it, and all she had on was a shirt and her panties. It was freezing!! What can I say? They were thrilled to experience the flurries even though it was freezing and they were all half naked, and I swear a car drove by and the woman looked at me like I was psycho. We are from the south, this kind of thing doesn't happen very ofter where we were from. In fact only once in the entire 24 years I lived down there. It was a wonderful and memorable Sunday for all of us.


JG said...

:) We get snow about every other year in OKC now, this being an "off" year. Of course, when I was a kid, I didn't remember there was a pattern to it, so it would always seem like YEARS between snows and it was very exciting for the few days we had it. Looks like you had so much fun! I wish we could be playing in snow right now, too!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Ok, I have to ask... I know all military housing looks the same, but are you in GA? Because it looks just like our last duty station!

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