Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be annoyed with someone who is hours away and that you only get to talk to for maybe 30 on the weekends if you are lucky? For me its pretty easy. Right now KS is on my list, and its not my good list. My cell phone rang on Saturday and I couldn't' believe it. KS has never called on a Saturday before, normally their calls are only on Sundays. I was so thrilled to hear his voice and finally get to talk to him again until I heard this... "Why did you send so many letters at once, do you know how many push ups I had to do for those?" (BTW he had to do 60) So, I explained to him that I sent one letter a day and it is NOT MY FAULT that the DS, mail people, or whoever it is holds their mail until they all have a pile and then have to do push ups to receive them. All I was trying to do was be sweet and make sure he knew that we were still thinking about him. So needless to say I have not sent any mail out since Saturday, I have still written him everyday but I have yet to send any. I am figuring I will send these out Thursday or Friday and maybe by the time he gets these letters he will actually appreciate them, because right now I feel like he would rather not get any than have to do push ups for them. Granted yes I am mad, and I am annoyed but you know what try not hearing from your spouse for a week and then the first thing you hear is him fussing at you, not a I miss you or I love you, nope just fussing. Its not pleasant. Especially when it isn't even your fault to begin with. Oh well... rant over, maybe I will start feeling better now. =)

I am going to be changing a few things around here in the next few days so if you notice things missing or you come on and it looks crazy just bare with me, while I get everything figured out and situated again. Also, the Christmas posts are coming I promise.


Booklover1212 said...

Oh yeah, I remember that. I didn't get any phone calls while my hubby was in Marine Corps boot camp, but his first letter to me after I sent all my mail was "Please don't send so much mail at once." That was followed by the infamous "Don't send any teddy bear cards EVER again."

I know it's hard -- but try not to get too upset. Know that he does value each and every letter you send. He's frustrated and missing you guys and doing push-ups doesn't help that go away.

You're doing the right thing. Wait -- it'll send a subtle message to him. But, this too, shall pass!


~ Jennifer

JG said...

I hear ya. SoldierMan would not like me sharing this, but we spent almost the entire month of December fighting long-distance. It got to where I dreaded going to the mailbox. BUT - in restrospect I can see now where the majority of that was a single issue maginified by the distance, by his lack of sleep and poor health, and almost assuredly by spiritual warfare. I know it stinks and you feel caught in a cycle over which you have no control, but I promise, it will end, and you figure out how to deal.

JG said...

BTW, I mentioned you on my blog today :)

Ashley said...

I always get annoyed with my husband when he's off at training or something. He always does something stupid. :)

Julie said...

It is always so hard to communicate when they are away. I know I would have been upset too if my husband got mad about letters.

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