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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I received this message in my inbox  couple of days ago from Steve Thompson;


I am writing you concerning a wonderful project that supports our military families by supplying them with dog tags to send home to their children at no charge and we need your help. I'm pleased to say that with everyone's help and support, we have now sent over 500,000 tags to our men and women fighting in harm's way. That makes for over 1 million smiles, and is a great way to thank our troops for the job they are sent to do overseas.

Many have graciously stepped up to the plate and donated to make this program the success that it has been, and now I have another favor to ask. We have the opportunity to win $5000 if we can gather the most votes for the person that has unselfishly dedicated herself to making this project a huge success, Rose Sliepka. She has been entered in a contest for heroes, and we could use your help. Simply go to to vote for Rose Sliepka from Lancaster,Ca. They only require a name, email and date of birth but you can remain anonymous and opt out of any mailings. The entire process takes less than a minute.

For those who are not familiar with our program, you can visit our web site at For those in a position to do so, donations are gratefully accepted, but more importantly please help us spread the word and get Rose the votes she truly deserves. It's a great way to help and support our troops without spending a dime. Anything you can do to help us raise awareness would be wonderful. I thank everyone for their time and trouble and in helping us support our military!

Kind regards,

If you find yourself with an extra few minutes today go check out the amazing site, Dog Tags for Kids, it is a wonderful program helping our soldiers keep connected with their children back home, and please go vote for Rose Sliepka, so they can help keep this wonderful program up and running. Rose currently has 808 votes, lets keep those numbers going up!  Thank You ~ Charity


Sharon said...


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Kerry said...

I voted. Thanks for passing on the info. :)

Have a great day

Katrina B. Smith said...

Hi, following from MBC! I really like your blog & the content...I plan on coming back! Stop by & visit some time!!

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