What takes you back?

Friday, January 22, 2010

What takes you back, back to the carefree days with the one you love? For me its the music by Creed, specifically the Human Clay album. When KS and I were dating he had a system in each car/truck he owned and this CD was one that he played frequently. Whenever I hear the music from it it just takes me back; like I have fallen into a time warp. I can smell his car and even feel the same inside as I did then. I can close my eyes and see us there driving, his hand on the shifter or holding mine. I can see his face and even remember the way it felt to hear him driving down the road to my house. My sisters would always run into my room saying KS is coming, Ks is coming! They have always loved him so much. We could always hear his system, or exhaust, drive past our house and then turn into our driveway. I know that if I am ever missing him or feeling the distance between us I can always turn on one of those songs and I will be with him again. Its amazing how music, a smell, anything that uses your senses can just take you back in time. It can remind you of something you might not have thought of for years, but because of that one emotional trigger its like you were just there, the memory fresh and vibrant. What is your trigger, what is it that takes you back to the place in time you always loved to be?


Julie the Army Wife said...

I love how things can remind me of stuff. Anything Cucumber Melon reminds me of my 2nd year of college and the fun I had with my roommate because that was the lotion we both used.

JG said...

I love pictures. Anything Disney, of course, is special to us. Any time I see something with a Mickey Mouse on it...oh, the memories!

Booklover1212 said...

The smell of wet leaves in the morning takes me back to my college days and the 3.5 weeks we would spend at dance camp.

LOVE Creed too. The song "My Sacrifice" takes me back to My Marine's first deployment. I made a slideshow of when he was home on his 2 weeks leave using that song.

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I feel like every moment in my life is tied to a song. Or a smell. I always hear a song and I instantly go back. My husband doesn't have it happen as much as I do, and he thinks I'm weird that it happens to me all the time.
The songs that take me back to when he and I first started dating are songs by the All American Rejects (specifically "Dirty Little Secret"... long story) and Akon's first album. But then there are a tonnnn of songs that just make me think of him. :)

Chelle said...

There's a lot of things like Bvlgari Black, suntan lotion, Wings that make bring me back. But the one thing that always pulls me back faster then then anything is "God Bless the Broken Road". When our paths crossed I had hit rock bottom and he was the one that pulled me out of it.

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