One of those days

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am having one of those days... you now THOSE days.

The type of day where my boys have been "cleaning" their room for the past 4 hours and it still looks like it did 4 1/2 hours ago.
Cayleigh-Grace still has not taken a nap today. Normally she would have already had a 2 hour nap by now; at least she is in a wonderful mood and is happy as can be.
I have already put in the one tax document that we have, I am counting down the days until we can file and get our return back. I am ready to pay people back and pay off bills and not have to worry about these money issues anymore.
I think I have decided to switch Cayleigh-Grace over to cloth diapers, I am tired of her being raw for 3 weeks and clear for a week.
I finally decided which pets we will be keeping, the only problem, we can take 2... we have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Does anyone else see a problem with those numbers?
I totally screwed up paying my truck payment and applied my truck payment to our 4-wheeler... talk about a big time screw up. That is going to be fun to fix. Of course I didn't realize it until after it cleared my bank account...
I am worried about KS's knees since he has had to go to sick call and have an x-ray. He did not accept the profile but I am figuring he will have to soon.
31 days until graduation... that time cannot pass soon enough.
Well time to go fuss at the boys again since they are playing and not cleaning... again.

What type of day are you having?


JG said...

I think it's the time of year or the phase of the moon or seems to be going around!

I hope tomorrow is better. Put the kids to bed early tonight and enjoy some ice cream!

Julie the Army Wife said...

I too am waiting for tax info. Hopefully it will be out soon!

I hope tomorrow is better :)

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