Motivation, or lack there of...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One thing I have discovered though this new and improved life of ours is that I have serious motivational issues. I am the type of person who loves to please people. My joy in life comes from making others around me happy and I have decided that this is a problem. How can this be a problem? Easy. When KS was home I would clean the house, make sure the laundry and dishes were done, almost everyday, and without fail come 4:00 or 4:30 you would find me running throughout the house cleaning and tidying up. I wanted it to look perfect when he got home from work around 5:15. Now I have no one to clean for. Yes, I have 3 kids to clean for but in all actuality they could care less whether the house is clean or if they have to get there socks from the dryer instead of the drawer. They don't even care if the house is a disaster and I have had clothes piled on the couch that need to be hung up and put away for the past week. Which I have... As long as they have their toys and each other they are happy and content. I need to find the motivation to just get things done, but I am finding that a difficult task to accomplish. Even when he was home on leave my house was spotless and clean, but as soon as he left it all went to shambles again. I managed to get it clean this weekend b/c I knew my sister would want it clean since she had helped me clean it earlier in the week. So I cleaned up before she got there and I was thrilled for her to see it clean. Hopefully I can find some motivation this week, I really am tired of everything being in disarray. The kids rooms are spotless, its my stuff that is currently messy and I hate it. I am just having a hard time finding a reason to clean it, although keeping my sanity is starting to move up the ladder of reasons to clean. 


Dusty, Kimmy and Niran said...

I feel you on that Charity! I have let the apartment slip too many times now! I have decided that Niran needs to learn to clean up after himself, so now before bed we go and pick up all his toys and anything else that needs to be put away. Including any of my stuff. It's helped me make sure it stays clean.

JG said...

Ha! That is so me :) When David was home, I made the bed every day. I never cared about making the bed, but he was super anal about it for some reason - he wanted it done, but I had to do it. Anyway, since he's left, yeah, it's all nice and comfortably unmade.

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