Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 2 - December 16th

This day was the most amazing day I have had in years, well 16 months to be exact! We were finally reunited with KS. You would be surprised just how long a month can feel like when you have limited contact and never see the person. The morning started off great, Cayleigh-Grace and had breakfast downstairs, well Cayleigh-Grace did. I was too nervous to eat; I did have some apple juice though. We finally got to see what everything looked like since we got there so late we couldn't see anything when we arrived.

After breakfast we went and checked out of the hotel and met up with a fellow Army wife that I have met along this journey. To hear our stories you would swear we were twins separated at birth or something. We have been walking the same path all these years without even knowing each other. By the way "J" we are both fired, we have yet to get a picture together!

CG as we left our hotel room. 

Once we met up with "J" we had to wait for about an hour until our husbands were released. We didn't get to see our husbands march in but we did see another platoon march in. I think we both almost had heart attacks looking for our husbands in the group. They ended up standing in formation about two feet from us. Picking KS up ended up being very confusing they kept sending all of the families to different doors that all went into the same building. Even the Drill Sergeants that were running things were getting frustrated because it wasn't going as planned. Eventually we all, I am talking around 30+ people, got to the correct door filed into the correct line by platoon number and signed out our soldiers. Once we signed them out and confirmed that we had our vehicles inspected we could pick up our soldiers. That was also confusing. Some of the platoons handed out paperwork to the families and other platoons had their paper work with their soldiers. I finally got tired of waiting around being confused and just walked up to the DS at the door and asked for KS. He had to call him twice because he wasn't KS's DS so he wasn't sure if he was calling the right name. I think I had the biggest smile ever when I saw KS stand up from his chair and walk towards me, I just couldn't believe that I was finally seeing him for the first time in a month. I was on cloud 9 to say the least. They are allowed NO PDA (personal displays of affection) at all so I put my hand on him for a second and handed him CG because I knew he could at least hold her while we were on post. Cayleigh-Grace didn't recognize KS until he took his hat off, but as soon as he did she knew exactly who he was. She was so happy to see him.

CG after seeing Daddy for the first time.

After we pick KS up we met up with "J" and her husband and we all went out to lunch at Chick-Fil-A

After lunch it was finally time to head home. We went straight to pick up the boys at my parents house. I don't think I have ever seen them happier. It was so amazing to see them run out the doors of my parents house and jump into KS's arms. Colin ran straight out, but Kiale thought he had to put his shoes on until my sister Dixie told him not to worry about his shoes and to go get Daddy.

 I have never seen this boy run so fast in his entire life!

Kiale finally caught up after ditching the shoes idea.

So as you can imagine December 16th was one amazing day for my family and it was a wonderful way to kick of an amazing Christmas break! 


Julie said...

Homecomings have been the best days of my life :) Seeing those boys with their dad must have made your heart leap for joy :)

Booklover1212 said...

Reunions are the best!!! What base is hubby training at?

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! What an amzing moment when you saw him again and how terrible you couldn't touch your husband and hug him!

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