Blogtoberfest- October is here!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whats up with the button right? I am participating in blogtoberfest 2009! So during the month of October I am committed to daily blogging of some sort, so go ahead and join me in the fun and head over here and sign up!

Okay, so to tell you the truth I thought I was going to completely freak out once October got here but really, I'm fine. No freak outs not weird moods, nothing! Lets just hope it stays that way. We are down to 45 days until I drop KS off at the hotel for basic training... goodness its going to fly bye. Thankfully that goes both ways and his time apart from us is going to go bye quickly as well.

I just had a quick question, has anyone else s kids been absolutely CRAZY this week. I think mine have been in trouble nonstop since Monday. I am wondering what happened in their brains b/c whatever it is needs to fix itself so they can regain their sanity and I can give my voice a break from yelling and fussing nonstop! I don't know if its the cooler weather or what but their attitudes sure are annoying. I went through yesterday and pulled out all of the cold weather clothes, Cayleigh-Grace fits into 18 month pants perfectly. I have never had a baby fit into that length of pants this early. Colin was wearing 24 month pants at this age but that was because he was so big around, sorry Colin! I think I had to roll his pants up four times just so he could still walk in them...


Amanda, Kevin, and Landon said...

Landon has been a bit crazy too. I think the cooler weather is giving them more energy!! I can't believe how big Caleigh-Grace is getting. 12 month pants are still a little big waist wise for Landon, but are too short. It's going to be a challene getting him into pants this year- he's 23 pouns, but 32 inches. I hope the boys ease up a bit for you this week.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Wow way to go! Can't wait to read every post:)

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