Friday, October 2, 2009

I love having boys, they are a blast to play with and are awesome to get rowdy with... but lately they have been driving me crazy! They are, well Kiale started it, at the stage where everything that has to do with any type of bodily function is hilarious and must be shared with everyone. I am almost to the point where if I hear the word "fart, poot, butt, Mr. Poopypants... etc." I think I am going to loose it! With having grown up in a house where the only male was my Dad and some of the cats I am not used to things like this and frankly I am not liking having to get used to the idea of hearing about said functions daily for the next 12 years +. They cannot seem to understand that passing gas and burping annoys me greatly... or maybe they have realize it and that is why they seem to do both things nonstop...


JG said...

Hey, I only live with ONE boy and I feel exactly the same way! Even my sisters-in-law - in their 20's - talk like boys like this! I don't get it. This was not acceptable conversation when I was growing up, but whatever! It could be worse.

Khordaddy said...

Haha, I am sure my mom can sympathize. 3 kids, 3 boys for her, I am the oldest! I'm sure my brothers and I put her through the same torture.

I know my wife really wants a girl for our second child, and she's dreading exactly what you are saying if we have a boy ;) She also grew up in a house with just dad as the only male.

We'll see. This is where dads step in and balance things out. When is appropriate and when isn't :)

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