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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today has been ridiculously busy. There is just no other way to put it. We started off the day buy heading to Walmart and picking up Halloween costumes, the boy are both going to be Vampires. Cayleigh-Grace has a Sleeping Beauty costume that I bought her but I am thinking now that I am going to try and find/make a vampire costume for her so they all match!

The we headed to the cemetery to try and find where KS's dad is buried, he died in a motorcycle accident in 2000. I have only been to his grave site once and that was probably 7 years ago. So needless to say I was unsuccessful in finding it but I did finally talk to the boys about what happened and know they know that their daddy really did have a dad. They had never noticed that he didn't so I figured I would just go ahead and explain the "edited" version of what happened. With Kiale being 6 now I thought it was time that he learned why Grammy had all of the scares and where his Grandpa was.

After that we had about an hour and a half before we had to be at a birthday party. It was so sweet watching "L" open all of his birthday presents. They boy is in love with all things Thomas the Train. He was thrilled with all of his new Thomas toys. He just turned 3 and I honestly think he already knows the names to all of the trains on the show!

We weren't home an hour when we decided to go and scout out the woods where KS will be hunting for the few weeks he will be home during hunting season. They woods where he is at is absolutely beautiful. There is even a creek that runs through the property. I had C-G in my sling while we were walking through the woods and I have to admit I do no think she will be using that one again. It killed my back. Although it probably doesn't help that she was in my Hip Hammock the entire hour and a half we were in Walmart either. 24lbs on your front hanging off of you gets darn right heavy and unpleasant after a while.

We ended our day relaxing at KS's God parents house watching football and just chilling out. His God mother happens to be Colin's teacher this year and was Kiale's teacher last year. Dixie and Dylan also stopped buy so I could take some Senior pictures of them... don't worry I will share the pictures with you tomorrow!! At this point I am just happy to be home and I am fixing to crash in my bed!

*Did I mention that today is Cayleigh-Grace 13th month day, Wow.*


JG said...

Wow! That is a busy day! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite - my daughters will have no say in the matter when the time comes :)

alohavale said...

Sounds like a very busy day. i hope you got a chance to put your feet up and rest.
BTW most graveyards have an office and will show you a map of where the person is buried. They also will go with you if they are not in the middle of a couple of funerals. Some (especially military ones) are online.

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