C-G is Sick + *Update*

Monday, October 19, 2009

*Update* Spent 3 hours at the doctors office with my sick baby this morning. They are not completely sure what is wrong with her since she only had a fever and some mild coughing here and there as well as diarrhea like poo. They were able to finally get her fever to break with a double dose of Motrin. We are thinking and hoping that this is just a reaction to the MMR vaccine that she got last Wednesday. I am furious with myself for letting her get all three shots at one time, this is the first time I have done that with her, and the last. I am just hoping that this is just a reaction to the shots and not something more serious. I just put her down for a nap but I had to give her more Tylenol first b/c her fever was coming back. I just hope she isn't worse by the time she wakes up. Her doctor is going to call whenever she gets off of work to check on her again, she called during her lunch hour too, I just hope I can give her a good report.

*original post*
I am not really sure what is wrong with my little girl other than I know she is sick. She has been running a fever all weekend that just wont seem to break, and when it does finally break it shoots right back up as soon as her Tylenol or Motrin wears off. She is breathing really heavy and has had some not so normal poos for her. We have a Dr. appt at 9:45 so hopefully they will let me know what is wrong. I just hope it is a regular virus and not something major. Her fever has been bouncing between 101-103 all weekend... Thankfully she is still nursing and eating great, so I am not worried about her being dehydrated, although she has begun breathing really hard. I just wish this fever would go away.

We have been very blessed to have had three extremely healthy kids and the only ER visit that we have ever had was for me when I tripped while prego with Colin. My kids have never been to the ER and I don't really want to start now.


JG said...

Poor thing! I'm sorry.

(army)Wife said...

It's good to hear her fever broke. I hope she starts getting better now.

Lil Mootz had something similar to this at the beginning of September. Same symptoms...the doc said it was just a cold. I was like, "How can it be just a cold with a fever like this?" And the doc was like, "A fever isn't a bad thing, it just means his body is working to fight the cold." After about 3-4 days of continuous fever it just went away.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I hope she is ALL better soon!

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