Trick-r -Treat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween began with my husbands going away party and ended with some wonderful Trick-r-Treating. KS and I dressed as happy Gator fans since they beat Georgia, Go Gators!!

After we walked around town for a bit we headed over to the boys school for their Halloween bash. There was lots of playing and fun to be had.
And even some face and hand painting. We tried to get Cayleigh-Grace's face painted but that lasted long enough for the camera to click and then she had had enough of that.
I was trying to get her a cupcake... oh well maybe next year!
My budding artist, they couldn't believe his use of color.
She thoroughly enjoyed herself the entire night... as long as we didn't take her pumpkin with her candy in it away.

All tuckered out and ready to go home. Overall it was a wonderful and magical night, just as Halloween should be. I love my kids...


JG said...

Very fun! I miss facepainting...sort of. That stuff gets itchy after a while.

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