3 months old already

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well Cayleigh-Grace turned three months old on Wednesday... it still blows me away how fast time goes by. She is such an amazing and wonderful baby. She has a wonderful personality, and is (much like my boys) a go with the flow type of baby. Although, when she is fussy you might as well be ready for the long haul. Thankfully though her fussy days are few and very far between. Overall she is a wonderfully happy and sweet baby, who has a preference for her Mommy, and as a sweet love for her Daddy and Bubbas. Every time any of the men (big or small) in our life comes around her face just lights up with smiles. She has changed so much she made her grand appearance 3 months and 2 days ago. She is now a brunette and no longer has her strawberry blonde hair. She is exceptionally long, I swear she must be at least 25.5 inches at least already, and is getting really good head control for the most part. I couldn't not believe it on Wednesday she giggled for the first time. It was amazing, I was changing her diaper and just talking to her like I usually and she just let out this amazing laugh. It was wonderful. I yelled for Kiale to come into her room and hear her, and did she do it again, of course not. She did laugh for me again yesterday though. It is so wonderful, I had forgotten how amazing it is to watch babies develop... God truly is amazing.

Kiale and I still to this day find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that we do actually have a daughter. It is just something that we swore and thought would never happen, and hear she is. So sweet and perfect. God has truly blessed us with each other and with our wonderful little family. I am just so thankfull for everything that he has giving me and enable us to have. Thank you lord!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I had to share this picture with you all, this is how Cayleigh-Grace and I fall asleep most nights, her wrapped up in my arms and snuggling together. Kiale took this picture, and I was so happy that he did. It is something that I am going to treasure once she is bigger and in her own bed.... which is going to be a long long time I think. I am in no way ready for her to be away from us yet.


Megaloo said...

This picture is so precious! She is adorable...I have a picture like this one of me and my first nephew when he was a few weeks old.

Amanda said...

This picture is precious. I love sleeping baby pictures, especially when they are with mommy! She is getting cuter and cuter.

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